Elevate your trading with CryptoGPT: AI-driven crypto trading, automated strategies, and advanced risk management for smart and efficient crypto trading.


Dive into trading bots: smart tools that use AI to handle trades for you. Link the bot to your account via API for smooth interactions.

Easily configure your trading bot with custom strategies and risk management parameters, creating rules for opening and closing trades based on indicators like price movements, technical analysis, and market trends.

Once activated, your trading bot diligently monitors markets and analyzes real-time data, pinpointing profitable opportunities that align with your criteria. The bot swiftly places orders on your behalf, streamlining your trading process and potentially boosting profits.


  • Start with any deposit.

  • Withdraw whenever you like.

  • Manage risks: use several software tools at once.

  • Immediate trading actions.

  • Direct access to Tier 1 Exchange.

LicenceMonthlyPrice AnnuallyPrice LifetimePerformance Fees

QuantWise Plus

49 EUR

397 EUR*

797 EUR


QuantWise Pro

199 EUR

1497 EUR*

3997 EUR


QuantWise Expert

499 EUR

3997 EUR*

7997 EUR


*Excluded the platform yearly renewal of 49 EUR.

Remember, trading bots, while powerful, are not perfect. As markets are volatile and unpredictable, bots may make mistakes or face unforeseen conditions, leading to losses. Stay vigilant, monitor performance, and adjust settings to keep your bot in sync with your goals and risk tolerance.

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