Login into QuantWise application

1. Click "Login"

Initiate your journey by clicking on "Login."

Click 'Login'

2. Switch to "app.quantwise.ai"

Switch to "app.quantwise.ai"

Switch to 'app.quantwise.ai'

3. Click "Sign in with 2access.io"

Proceed by clicking on "Sign in with 2access.io."

Click 'Sign in with 2access.io'

4. Click "Enter your username or email"

Enter your username or email to continue.

Click 'Enter your username or email'

5. Enter username or email

User name is required field

Enter username or email

6. Enter your password

Enter your password

7. Validate the Captcha

Advance by clicking on "Next."

Validate the Captcha

8. Click "Verify"

Verify by clicking on the "Verify" button.

Click 'Verify'

9. Click "Sign in"

Initiate the sign-in process.

Click 'Sign in'

10. Enter the secure code

Enter the secure code

11. Click "QUANTWISE"

Proceed by clicking on "QUANTWISE."


12. Click "Continue"

Continue by clicking on the "Continue" button.

Click 'Continue'

13. Click "Proceed"

Proceed further by clicking on "Proceed."

Click 'Proceed'

14. Quantwise Dashboard

Tesla banner pop up

15. Disclaimer pop up

Check the I agree the terms and conditions

16. Click "I Agree"

Agree to the terms by clicking on "I Agree."

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